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We Lost Another Hip-Hop Legend

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Yankees4ever31, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Yankees4ever31

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    Boy, the way Glenn Miller Played.....
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    Feb 7, 2016
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    Brooklyn, NY
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    I know some of you are hip-hop heads, so I wanted to give you the sad news that Phife from A TRIBE CALLED QWEST died at the young age of 45.
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    is a link to the article. I always loved "Buggin' Out" but "Electric Relaxation" is my jam. Growing up in Brooklyn and going to high school near Coney Island, hip-hip has always been a part of me. Now Phife can "Kick It" with the greats that have left us.....
  2. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    On a related hip-hop note but unrelated to this, was Heavy D from NYC area. God, what a legend back in the time. Remembering him and the Janet Jackson concert that was nightmare for security, I think it was at the Garden @ Penn there. I would think Heavy D was the #1 all time most influential and loved rapper??? I liked his music at the time due to the clubs I had family members owning in NYC. I met Heavy D at his house in Mount Vernon through a repo company I owned at the time. His real name was Dwight Myers and he did live in Mount Vernon before making it real big. He had a Chevy Blazer and the bank put a repo out on it cause he had over $10k in NYC parking tickets and back in those days in NY the plates were registered in the name of the bank or lease company if it was a lease. So they sent me the funds I went down to pay them at NYC parking ticket bureau and then we repo'd his car. Went to his house, he answered the door and I explained it to him. He said cool, gave us the keys and signed our paperwork. Went to Mount Vernon PD to report the repo and the desk officer's were freaking out and calling all the other officers over to joke about Heavy's blazer getting repo'd for NYC tickets, etc. But yeah, legends all move on.

    NOTE: I goggled it, the concert was at City College and more than 3,000 tix were sold and there was only like 2700 seats or something. 8 or 9 were stampeded to death. There was something else that was a nightmare for security and people got hurt with Janet Jackson thou and Heavy.
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