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Vegas, Your Best Night....

Discussion in 'General Vegas Talk' started by Hugo Hackenbush, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Hugo Hackenbush

    Hugo Hackenbush
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    Jun 27, 2016
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    Trips to Vegas:
    What was your best night ever in Las Vegas? Maybe it was an Awesome gambling night, or a show, or a dinner, or meeting friends, or you got married,, etc.. etc... etc....Tell us...

    My best night ever in Vegas was either in 2002 or 2003.... We were staying at The Mirage and had tickets to see "Cher" and Cyndy Lauper at The MGM Grand....

    It was sold out shows for both Friday and Saturday nights. We went Friday night. I didn't think that I would like it before we went, but my wife really wanted to see Cher.
    The place was packed with about 20,000 people and there was an awesome happy electricity in the air like it was the Super Bowl or game 7 of the NBA finals...

    Cyndy Lauper opened the show and was dynamite. Cher followed and was even greater. Everyone was dancing in the aisles and for that night it was unbelievable....
    After the show we went back to the Mirage and had some drinks at one of the bars there and then went to the California P-i-z-z-a Kitchen by the front in the Mirage for a p-i-z-z-a. It was a perfect night.

    I'm a widower now and I go solo to Vegas to hopefully win a little money and try to have fun, but the main reason that I go to Las Vegas is to relive memories that I had there with my wife...

    How about you?? What was your very best night or day in Las Vegas. Please share with us and let us all relive this joy with you in the happy fantasy place we all call Las Vegas....
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  2. Robbo

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    San Jose, CA
    Trips to Vegas:
    I've only been to Vegas 5 times, so the night that sticks out to me is my first night there ever... I've always loved vegas, but didn't get there until i was 30. So my anticipation was through the roof leading up to the trip. I had no idea what to expect. I flew out of SFO, so the wife and I had a little day trip on the train to the airport. We got there around 4PM on a friday. I took the shuttle from the airport to the Luxor, and i just remember thinking how huge everything looked.

    The best part was that my brother and his wife were joining us later that night. They were driving in. So after doing a small strip walk and having some drinks with the wife, my brother was close. He got there around 9PM and i remember thinking that it was the coolest thing to be out in Vegas and my brother is there joining me as well.

    That night was great because we just walked the strip, got drinks at all these different places and just explored. everything was so new, each hotel/casino was different, it was great. So much action just walking around and exploring. When i'm there now, i'll see certain places and i'll think about how i viewed it my first time. I've had some fun nights since, my first boys trip downtown last month, but nothing will replace that first night in Vegas for me.
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