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Thinking back for a minuete the night before..........Sprinkling Magic Dust

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by GlenBaccarat79, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    Oh lord! The night before last when I slept at my office cause of the storm we were having. I am laying on the couch and thought back..........and back..............and back.

    Foxwoods Casino. It was probably around 2000 or 2001, would have been before 9/11 for sure. It was when Foxwoods had the four big baccarat tables and you first walked in their main high limit, where you would pass the food lounge and bar on your left and the host desk on your right. They had a few Midi/Macau style just to the side of the big tables but they were not popular yet back then.

    I used to regular met up with a gentlemen in the same business I was in there, he was from western Connecticut. His name was Al, lots of the players knew him, not the Asians, but all the other people. At that time it was probably no more than 60% Asian the rest whites or other nationalities. Al was known as 'quick draw' or 'the wizard'. He was so quick in dealing the cards on the big bac table it would make your head spin. Seriously, lighting fast. And he would always know what he had and almost all the time at least one card what the other side had. He had a certain way of peeking at the Banker cards when tucking them under the shoe.

    He was probably the slickest player I ever seen and extremely cool headed. Only shown emotion when the other side wagering players would say something about him or against him. He had this thing for 'magical dust', sprinkling magical dust. Say if we were on the Bankers and the players would return a Natural 8 he already knew what he had. At first I didn't catch on, but after a while I most certainly did! Like I said, Players return a Natural 8, Al would look and look and play it good, If he had a tie or a 9, he would start with raising his right hand and grabbing the magical dust out of the air and then sprinkling it over the spread out two cards still face down, by rubbing his thumb and first two finger together over the cards. He would then look once again at the cards. He would then grab some more magical dust out of the air. Sprinkle a little more and maybe do it a third time. Then he would turn them over while sprinkling with his other hand, especially if it was a Natural 9.

    But the point is, he did it in a pretty refined and humorous way. Definitely added fun to the game. The best part when he had the shoe was his ability to get a glimpse at a least one card of the opposite side. So if the player exposed one of his cards and it wasn't the one Al saw, he then knew what the player had. And in such a way he would say. Like if it was a 6 and Al had a 7, before the guy exposed the hand of 6, Al would say, I believe I got a 7 you better have at least a 7 but I feel you got a 6, you do know 7 is a Natural huh?

    Al was a comic and many could not figure him out, that was the BEST part! If he already knew he had a winning hand and if there was a large wagering player on our side and the other side returned a high value hand like the Natural 8 example I gave you, Al would milk the situation. Really milk it good. He would get the high wagering player involved and get him to throw over some magical dust. You can see the resentment and the curiosity from the people that did not know Al or every see him before. So here you got this high wager player and he is figuring he already lost the hand. Al will get him and a few others going with the sprinkling thing.

    Lots of good times at Foxwoods.
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