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Things that you didn't get as a newer slot player?

Discussion in 'Slots & Video Poker' started by Kentry, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Kentry

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    The woman who actually thought another slot player who got a $20 bonus win on a $1.00 bet was a good bonus(it was pointed out that she must have been a Newbie to slots to think 20 times your bet was a good bonus) inspired me to start this thread.

    When I was a newer slot player, I remember a guy on another gambling message board that he was down about $400, and decided to do a gutsy bet. He called it a "Hail Mary" bet, as it was like a $20 bet on just one spin. The spin was a lucky spin, and gave him like $380. He said something like,"I was ecstatic and was thanking God for that huge win. I was down about $400, okay, $420 with the huge bet, and was now down only $40! Thank God!"

    As a newer slot player, I couldn't understand why he was so damn happy as he lost $40, and thought, "Isn't the point of playing the slots that you win more money than you came in with? Why is he happy being $40 in the hole?" As a more experienced slot player, I understood why he was so joyous over the $380 win when he was down $420. Had that final spin been a loser, he would have lost $420 vs just $40. As a newer slot player, I did not understand how great recouping most of your bankroll is....

    So, things you didn't get as a newer slot player? :)

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