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Starting to book my Jan trip, "On the Hunt" for deals the best part.

Discussion in 'General Vegas Talk' started by kingston_ny, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. kingston_ny

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    Aug 8, 2016
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    Trips to Vegas:
    This is our annual trip to Vegas January (CES convention) . The Hunt begins for flight deals, car rentals, planning the itinerary, etc. Why this is an ordeal is because I am making arrangements for 7 people (Me, Wife, Mother (recently lost dad so she looks forward to this trip) Son, his girlfriend, Daughter, her husband) and searching for the best airfare. If it were just the wife and I the Airfare wouldn't be as big a deal as it is now. Buying tickets for 2 as opposed to 7 makes pricing so much more important.

    Our local airport has consistently (this year so far) had ticket prices around $450.00 RT each, that hurts. We did however find $300.00 RT from an airport 1 hour ( 4 hours from us ) away from daughter. So, we will roll a visit to her overnight and then travel together to the airport the next day. Looks like Southwest it is.

    Next is the Car Rental, 7 people?? Can't rent a convertible I guess. This leaves us with a minivan, can we fit luggage for 7 people in minivan? Probably not, but maybe we can squeeze it in? We usually use Dollar, mainly because you by pass the counter and go to your car.

    We are staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations at Flamingo, great location if you want to walk. Simply walk through the Flamingo and out to LV Blvd. The anxiety of getting rooms is taken care of as we have an ownership there. We do need to book early because we need three rooms. We really enjoy the HGVC Flamingo property. The monorail stops at our front door so the transportation to and fro the LV Convention center easy, albeit crowded early in the morning.

    Food: We have our favorites. The Paris buffet was always my dads favorite so, that is a destination point for nostalgic reasons, and fortunately the family agrees. Lawry's Prime RIB is another destination yearly. The Prime rib is to die for. And they can accommodate our large parties also, as we travel with another large group of 7 or so.

    A new place we discovered last year was a little joint just off of our hotel property called Battistas hole in the wall. A great family style italian restaurant. They can accommodate large parties easily (Believe it or not as it doesn't look that large from the outside). Wine is set on the tables including a red and a white, are they "Good" wines, no but but still it is tolerable.

    The Gold and Silver Pawn shop is another traditional stop. The excitement builds on our way to the shop and quickly fades away once inside. But, still we must go.

    We will usually "drive through" Downtown and very rarely ever stop , except for that one time we ate at Heart Attack Grill. A fun place to eat but Wife vowed to never go there again.

    The new Valet parking rates will certainly put a crimp in our exploration of the strip but I suppose we will all suck it up and pay the new fees. I can't tell you how much money we spent at strip hotels just because we could valet park for a few dollars and go explore.

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