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Recap shifter Beau Take No Prisoners Trip 5/3/13

Discussion in 'There's More To Life Than Vegas?' started by shifter, May 3, 2013.

  1. shifter

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    Feb 1, 2016
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    At The Tables
    Trips to Vegas:
    so this isn't a Vegas TR, but I think it makes more sense to put all gambling TRs in the TR forum than over in Non-Vegas Chat, so I put it here.

    the point of this trip was to double dip on promo chips. the Beau sends out monthly promo/FP offers to all regular players, so I almost always go at the end/beginning of every other month and pick up 2 months' in each trip. usually I only stay 1 night, but this time they also had a Noir event May 2 where they were giving away more FP, so I booked 2 nights to stick around for that. the other point of pretty much all of my trips to the Beau are to enjoy nice dinners and wine at their top quality steakhouse, BR Prime, and get a massage at their spa, which is my favorite even compared to ones in Vegas.

    I knew it was a good omen when I pulled into the airport parking lot which is always full and started to drive all the way to the back-40 where the only open spots live, when right in front of me some guy pulls out and I snag one of the best spots in the entire lot. win! then we get to security and we got pre-check. win #2! then we get to the gate and find out we've been upgraded to first. win #3!

    we arrived just in time to get checked in and get changed for dinner. it was great as usual, with a nice bottle of Pinot from the Willamette Valley in OR. we started with the marlin crudo and I had the steamed king crab legs and my wife had the kurobuta pork chop. I had made a deal with my wife that we'd hang out the first night and I wouldn't hit the tables till the second day, so I'll leave it to your imagination what happened after dinner.

    the next morning I had an early tee time at Fallen Oak that I actually moved earlier to try to beat the storms that were coming in the afternoon. I got over to the course about 8 and had breakfast and then hit the course with my favorite caddy Tex. I don't like to play alone anymore without a caddy because it makes it feel that I'm not playing alone.

    I always play the tips out there because I enjoy a challenge. but they're almost 7500 yards and played even longer because the course was so wet from rain the days previous. every drive landed and spun back a foot, so I lost at least 10-20 yards off every tee shot. plus the air was so dense and heavy with the storms moving in that the ball just flew 10 yards shorter than usual. so the course rating from the tips is 76.5, but I figure it was playing closer to 78-79 with the conditions, so I knew it was going to be a tough day.

    I didn't get a chance to hit the range because we didn't want to get stuck behind a couple of foursomes that were about to go out, so of course, I struggled at first. 7 over through 3 holes wasn't much of a start, but I settled down after that and played the next 12 holes in 4 over, which is decent. I got my driver dialed in and hit almost every fairway and hit some quality approach shots as well. just couldn't make a birdie putt. then on 15 the storms started coming through and we finished in a downpour and I played the last 3 holes in 4 over. so 87 is really poor for me, but given the course and conditions, it felt more like a low 80s round.

    after the round I had lunch at the course and then headed back to the casino. while I was playing my wife had taken a
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    out to some local quilt shops, so when I got back she showed me all the day's purchases and then I got cleaned up and headed down to the casino for my first session of the trip.

    I got to the Bacc table - only one midi table was open since it was Wednesday - and found a buddy that I've played with before and enjoy playing with because we play similarly and play well together. so that was a nice start. he was having terrible luck before I got there and was already stuck about 20k for the trip, so he was glad to see me and hopefully we could turn things around.

    I had 6k in promos to start, but of course they're the one time use kind that they take even when you win, so they're really only worth half. the first shoe actually started pretty decently and I turned the promos into 4k cash and then proceeded to run that up to 11k. but then it got choppy at the end of that shoe and I dumped some of that back.

    then we started "the shoe". at first I started OK, but nothing special. then it became apparent that the second line bank was hitting. so we started to hit that pretty hard and it kept holding. then after every second line - player or bank - it was jumping. so we started to hit that pretty hard as well. it went like this for about half the shoe and I pressed my bets up to 5k. it wasn't long until I was up 55k. then I decide to press to table max 15k on the next second line bank. of course, that's right when it breaks!
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    then right after that the second line jumping broke also and I lost 3 big hands in a row and was only up 20k.

    this was the make or break moment. either it was going to continue south and I was going to dump back all my winnings or I was going to turn it back in the right direction. thankfully the one missed second line bank was just an aberration and it got right back on track after that. so I got back to hitting that and I managed to end the shoe well and end up 40k, which is exactly where I was after I lost the table max bet. so I felt good about that.

    well it was only about 45 min before dinner at the point, so I told my buddy I was going to head out. he said no stick around for this next shoe we're doing well! so I stuck around and watched. well, player won 3 in a row to start the shoe and then banker won 2 in a row, so I said what the hell put 5k on banker. it hit. then banker went on a mini-run and hit a couple more. then that streak broke, but the second line was hitting on both sides, so I kept betting that for 5k at a time. I really did have to leave for dinner, so I only bet about 9 hands, but won 7 of those for another +25k in about 15 minutes. I laughed because I was going to leave for dinner and he convinced me to stay and won me another 25k and +65k for the trip. additionally, he went from being down 20k when I showed up to leaving +20k. so it was really good for both of us.

    dinner was good again as always. although this time we had a really special 2001 Pinot from the Sonoma Coast. it was the last bottle of that they had and it was really top notch. my wife wasn't drinking wine and I had already drunk the rest of the bottle I hadn't finished from the previous night, so I couldn't finish it. so I left half the bottle with the sommelier and he was really excited to get to drink it and share it with the chef at the end of the night. you always know you have a good bottle when even the sommelier is excited to drink it.
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    for dinner I had the 28-day dry aged bone-in NY strip steak and my wife had the stuffed chicken cutlets. both were good, but the highlight of the dinner was definitely the wine.

    after dinner I took my wife back up to the room and decided to head back down to the casino because I still felt like gambling. but my Bacc buddy had left for the evening and nobody else was playing and at the same time I didn't feel like risking a bunch of money. I only had that night and the next day left and I really wanted to lock in the win. so I decided to mess around and play a little craps.

    there were 3 tables going, one was crapless, the other 2 were regular. the vibe at all 3 of them was so dead, I thought about just giving up and heading back up to the room, but on one table there was a spot on the rail right next to the stickman, so I jumped in. right when I get there, a guy sevens out and I'm like ... great this table is ice cold. then I hear one of the dealers talking to a lady next to him about how to play. I ask her if she's ever played before and she said no. I scream VIRGIN SHOOTER, get her in the game! so she puts down the min - $10 - on the pass line.

    I put down $100 on pass and she starts to roll. the first point is 4. I mumble to myself, OK point of 4, 3x odds. the stickman (who i actually know from previous trips) says no, this is a 10x odds table. I think to myself, oh shit, what have I gotten myself into with this $100 pass line bet! i was just trying to play some low limit craps and mess around and now I have $1500 in the game on this virgin shooter with $1k in odds and $440 across in the middle. then I throw 25/5 on a two-way hard 4 for kicks. she rolls a 10 next, but i don't have the 10 covered, lol. then, what do you know, second roll it's 22! I yell and high-5 her and rake in $2200 on the pass line+odds and another $175 on the hardway, plus $35 for the boys. off to a good start!

    I press the hard 2 to 50/10 and keep $100 on the pass. this time the point is a 10 (man she likes the hard numbers), so I put $1k again in odds and $540 all the way across plus another 25/5 on the hard 10. i think she rolled one number and then boom! 55! i yell again and high-5 her and collect another $2200+$175 and $35 for the boys.

    now i decide to put $200 on the pass. point is 8, so i put $520 across and $2k odds plus 25/5 on the hard 8. she rolls a few numbers this time including a hard 6 that pays me and the boys and then boom! 53! not hard, but i'll take another point! pays about $2600. i put another $200 on pass and the point is a nine and the same across and she rolls a couple of numbers and then 63! another nice payday. she rolled at least 5 points and then on the she finally rolls a 7, but on the comeout roll! well finally seeing her roll her first 7 ever, i had a bad feeling at that point, so i dropped my pass bet to $100. she set the point and rolled 1 or 2 numbers and then finally sevened out. but i looked down at my chips and she had made me $8k in 15 minutes and i was just messing around!

    i was next to roll and i told the table i didn't have a good feeling about rolling and i actually wanted to bet the don't on my own roll. what do you know, set the point and 7-out. whatever. but the next guy to roll, puts down a few numbers and hits a couple of points and another nice payday. then a couple of bad rolls, but on one of them, i forget my $1k odds bet and the dealers don't remind me and the guy sevens out the next roll! that was pretty sweet. then we hit another good roll that pays out quite a few numbers and at least 3 points and pretty soon i'm up almost 15k on that table. i take a break for a minute (they covered my chips with a towel for those of you interested based on that other recent thread about leaving chips at the table) and when i come back the table is silent and dead. i ask how things are going and they're like, you took a break at a good time, it's been ice cold. well, i stick around for 2 more rolls and quick seven-outs and i cash out +11.5k.

    i walk around the casino a bit actually looking for another game (i was just in a gambling mood), but everything is dead and nobody looks like they're having any fun, so i just decide to head back up to the room. i was hungry at that point, so i got some buffalo wings from room service and then headed to bed.

    the next morning my wife and i both had massages, so we had room service deliver breakfast and then headed down to the spa. i had a masseuse that had been recommended to me by a couple of people and she was really good. a little Asian girl, she used some very unique techniques that I've never seen before. most massages tend to be pretty similar with all the same techniques, but this was very different and i really liked it. very relaxing, but she also really worked the knots out. i'll definitely be asking for her again every time i'm there.

    we got packed up and then had lunch and then it was about an hour before the limo to the airport. so i head to the cage to get things dealt with and stop by the Bacc table. my buddy is sitting there and not doing great again. but i look at the shoe and it's actually very nice. nothing is going past the second line again, but it's kind of choppy in between and he's just guessing wrong every hand. well i watch for a few minutes and see second line bank starting to hit every time. after seeing it hit 3 times in a row, the next time the first line bank hits, i decided to jump in and tell the pit boss 5k call bet on banker. of course, that's right when it breaks.
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    so then i put a 5k call bet on player for the second line and bank wins this time.
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    well now i'm pissed, and tilt a little bit and say 10k call bet on bank. now if this loses, i'm really getting in way deeper into my winnings from yesterday than i want to. especially when i came over with no intention of playing. i get 2-side, no side and am begging for all dots. the no-side was a 3, but the 2-sider had no dot, so no natural, but 7 is a good hand. player turns over 5 and i'm screaming for a monkey and player draws ... a 6! whew! i needed that. so now i'm back to square one, but the shoe is still looking good. so i proceed to wait for the hands i like and bet 5k on each one. the patterns continue and i win 4 out of 5 and look down and see myself up almost another $15k for $90k total for the trip.

    the next hand i bet player and get two four-siders. bank turns over 4 and i'm looking good, but it's two 10s!
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    my least favorite hand ever. well now i have to draw and it's not looking good. one of the guys at the table yells, snowman! (player drawing again a banker 4, with an 8 or 9 you win outright, with a 4-7, banker draws and can beat you. 0-3 you lose. so you always want the 8 to win instantly) i'm just praying for at least a 3-sider to give us a chance ... and it is! so i yell for everybody to ding and ... one ding ... two dings! snowman baby! there's another quick 5k.

    well after that sweat, i think about quitting, but it's been one of my trip goals for a couple of years to book a 6-figure win. so i tell myself one more bet and if i win, i go home. so the next hand i put $5500 on player for the $5k i need plus extra to cover the $250 in commission i still owe.

    cards come out and again i have two four-siders! i'm like, dude, if these are 2 more 10s i'm going to flip out! but the saying goes that if you got 2 10s before, "all the 10s in the deck are gone" and you'll have at least one 9. it's not entirely wrong as the more 10s you take out, the higher your chance of getting a 9. so i slowly peel back the first card and ... no ding! guaranteed natural! so now i'm just worried about banker having 8 or 9 and pushing or even worse, losing 9 to 8 (which I've had happen before on a table max 20k bet
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    ). so i have banker turned over and ... nothing. winner!

    so i pay off the commission and leave the other $250 for the dealers and lock in my first 6-figure trip win. it really was a surprise to win that much because the $25k on the bonus shoe before dinner and then the $10k at craps and then the $25k right before the flight were completely unexpected. once i had the +40k on the first session i was pretty much done putting in any serious time. i guess that goes to show you that you don't have to grind it out to make a big win, you just have to play smart and hit and run - well and a little good luck never hurts!

    to make things even better we got upgraded to first on the flight back as well, so that made things even better. nothing like a first class flight back home with a bunch of casino money in your pocket!
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    Enjoying rereading these reports! Best part of this one is... Craps hahaha

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