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Recap shifter Beau Golf Tourney 7/23/13

Discussion in 'There's More To Life Than Vegas?' started by shifter, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. shifter

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    The Chairman

    Feb 1, 2016
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    Trips to Vegas:
    so I was at the Beau last weekend for a golf tournament. I only played a little Bacc. first night, I played 1 shoe and won 30k. it was a choppy shoe, but every second line bank was hitting for about the first 15, so that was nice. it finally broke near the end of the shoe. I was rated for 1 hour at 4800 avg.

    Friday, I played in the golf tourney. I didn't play very well, but it was a skins game and I made 2 up-and-down pars on 17 and 18 to win both holes and 3k in FP.

    Friday night I played just one more shoe. it was bad to start, but then banker went on a 10 run and player went on two 6 or 7 runs. I pressed up to 5-7k on those and got out of the hole and won another 30k on that shoe. was rated for 1 hour at 6000 avg.

    Saturday I played the 3k FP through the machines and it sucked. I got the worst of all worlds - a W-2 and no profit to show for it. was playing the $10 and $25 slots and only hit 3 bonus rounds and only 1 hand pay. the rest was bleak.

    we were supposed to leave Saturday, but storms delayed our flight so we decided to stay another night. after dinner I played one more shoe. it started out good and I was up another 10k. then I had a rare Asian moment. I play with Asians all the time and most are great. this guy was the stereotypical kind that hates all white people. and he had a pretty good stack so he was betting close to the same amount as me. when I first sat down he looked at me like I was cancer and bet against me every hand no matter what. but I was hot and I beat him like a drum.

    so at one point after I had won 3 in a row and he had lost all of them, I put out a 2500 bet on banker. everyone else follows. he pauses for a moment and I guess he was tired of losing because he places a bet on banker also - for 2600. so I say to him, same driver? and he says, no I'm driving. I'm like WTF are you kidding me??? drop a bet on top of me at the last minute for $100 more so you can drive? anyone who plays Bacc knows that's a) terrible etiquette and b) bad luck to change drivers midstream when one is hot. so that pisses me off and I take my bet off. then I decide, fuck him and I put my bet on player instead.

    well, what do you know, banker has natural 8 and I lose. that pisses me off even more because I liked banker originally and should have won that and that was a 5k swing. unfortunately then I went on tilt and decided I was going to bet against him every hand from then on. of course that didn't work out so well and I donked off all my winnings and another 8k before quitting for the night.

    so all in all about a 51k trip win was more than nice, but the last night was really a sour note. I'm still pissed off about that guy and how much he cost me. I was really running hot and probably would have picked up another 30-40k that night if he hadn't pissed me off being such a dbag.
  2. geoff

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    W-2 and no profit is the worst.. Esp here in a state where you can't deduct losses

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