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Player and Dealer types in baccarat

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by GlenBaccarat79, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Unlike poker, folding is the only way!
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    Feb 5, 2016
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    To me and IMO, the game is not just the cards, it includes the dealer and the other players as 'Key' components the majority of the time and for most people. Property and surroundings usually does not have any effect unless you strictly play for show and/or to impress anther person you are with.

    "Players can help or hurt you"'


    The know it all/explaining why before and after.
    Pick one side and always wager that side.
    Bet after extensive eye-piercing 'Road' analyzation.
    Keep on score card and study both, the board and his card.
    Bets tie every hand and then yells how right he was when it finally hits.
    Bets opposite highest wager of the unknown player coming in.
    Bets with winning players, chastises them if wrong decision.
    Heavy bettor and needs the respect and following of others or pulls down.
    Bets against those losing and clearly does so.
    Point to prove.
    The Leader or The General.
    And, at times there might be one, that if you wager with them-they will lose-if you wager against them they will win. Somehow, it works out that way.

    "Dealers can help or hurt you".


    KNOW IT ALL: One that tells you what they would bet on and they usually play elsewhere or stopped playing. If you asked what side they thought and then they were wrong, they usually would say, "That's why I am dealing and not playing" with a snicker. If they were correct, they would make it known that they picked the side, only because of their experience and knowledge of the game.

    THE TALKER: Similar to that of the blackjack dealer mentioned in the other thread. Will engage in conversations and actually not continue dealing until someone repeatedly says something like, "Cards Please" pretty loud. Usually at baccarat this is an Asian dealer to another Asian person or any female dealer to another female and the females are talking about something non-casino related usually.

    JUST RIGHT. Adjust his/her speed to player's styles without ever missing a beat. If no one is on one side, will let you also turn those opposite side cards, especially the 3rd one for the other side. Doesn't criticize decisions after the winning hand is exposed. Completely neutral but always remains polite. Very hard to blame this dealer for anything.

    ALOOF. Poor eye contact. Stares straight ahead and usually slightly down towards the table 90% of the time. Unfriendly in the classical sense. Never ever state his/her opinions about the game or anything else, even if asked, their answer will be a side-step if not a shrug of the shoulders or a little snicker with no answer. Almost a dead body dealing the game. I think they all spent many years in a toll booth or parking lot cashiers office or something similar to those. Same as a burned out parking/meter maid officer. Blocks out all sentiments and comments from players.

    THE COOLER. No matter what, player's can't win more than a few hands here and there with The Cooler. Deals very fast, never making a mistake. Breaks streaks as soon as they sit down. Will always pull a 9 for the side no one is wagering on when you have the 8. Likewise, will always have a 7 on the side no one is wagering on when you have a six. When all the players want The Cooler to expose their hand if someone was wagering on one side, The Cooler will not prevail for you under that strategy. Usually they are pretty nice people and personable, but clearly they are coolers. Never changes.

    HATES BAC. Doesn't really want to deal the game. Usually never the younger ones. Could be male or female. Cold 100%. Rarely talks. Nods their head a lot. Little to no eye contact, never a greeting when they come in or leave, never. For some strange reason thinking back on the ones I know hates bac dealing, the males usually has a 2 week old beard or goatee and the females are pretty much your librarian looking dyke stereotypes. They don't make very many mistakes and when they do, you can count on them holding one or both their hands over the lay out, slightly scrunching forward over the table and yelling for the floor to come over. They explain their mistake to the floor manager in great detail with lighting speed, and much like a Supreme Court decision.

    GENUINE PEOPLE PERSON. Makes it fun for all around. When it gets ugly with the cards, real ugly that is, they wholeheartedly attempt to get you to leave. When you are up, up a lot, they will also try to get you to leave. Usually does not play the game elsewhere, numerous years of experience. Players always try to sit at their table and always ask for them. Knows most of the player's by first name. This one will even make 'mistakes' in a player's favor and wink when you look at them cause they are giving you a 'free-ride'. Such as when everyone in on the bank, no one on the fortune 7, the bank has 6 and Players have 4 and pull a 6 or a 7 for the 3rd card, the dealer will hurry up and pay everyone. There is one or 2 at every casino, usually always works on the 2nd shift when it is busiest. They also do not like to sit at a table with no one playing.
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  2. Boss

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    May 10, 2016
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    Hahaha, this is so on point. Thanks for the analysis.
  3. Phampau

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    Apr 5, 2016
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    On point!

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