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Recap Palace Station Baccarat

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by GlenBaccarat79, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    The past few years I have popped in and out of Palace Station and The Gold Coast when things were not hoping over at The Bellagio, The Mirage, TI, Planet Ho, Caesar's, etc., at mid-strip.

    Actually we like the food, especially The Oyster Bar at Palace Station and it has been open all night whenever we want something, at least the various times we went there. Have a host over there that is excellent and always takes care of us. Never stayed there, just kind of slum over there as there action is always going almost every night.

    It was during last Asian New Years in early 2015, we go to Palace Station and get there right at Midnight. We had a great late night dinner at the Oyster Bar. Remember it to this day. I had the pasta and clams with 2 lobsters and the wife had the linguine with lobster and shrimp and requested a second lobster. They cook it right at your table and you tell them what and how spicy you want it. It was a good dinner and hit the spot.

    We head over to the baccarat tables. I grab a seat with almost a full table. Everyone is head in hands, starring, trying to figure out the board, the typical bull crap. I buy in for $15k and I watch a few hands. Everyone is wagering on one side with basically a leader of the pack reasoning out loud why the Banker or Player should do such and such. I watch about 5 or 6 hands. His reasoning was about what any baccarat player would think, 3 repeats and a cut and then three more repeats and a cut and the one of the side which had made a previous 2 X's three in a row. So of course they want to wager for the same. I don't see it, I throw up $5k on the opposite of what they were all doing to match the board trend. They are all wagering anywhere from $50/$100 to a grand or so. They look at me like I am crazy. I was on Players, they were all on the Bankers. I look at my cards, Natural 8. The guy says a bunch of stuff and I know a few of the words and they are not nice, my wife is there and she whispers in my ear what the guy said. He is working his cards, and I mean working them, squeezing the living friggin crap out of them. Come on, seriously, I play too and sometimes take my time, but this guy had to have been squeezing for every bit of a solid minute. He finally turns over a 7 all crumpled up and I mean all crumbled up. He says he has a 2 or 3 three. I have played this game for a long time and I know he had a 2, or he would not have dragged it out like he did. I flicked my wager up to the dealer and told her to take it, I surrender. She put the chip back in my spot and said she can't. I told the guy, flip it over and get paid come on. The guy looks at me and then goes back to working both sides of his one line card. I flick the chip back up to the dealer. Now our host is standing behind me talking to my wife. He is Asian also. The guy with the card has a single black chip up, no big deal, I have played with people wagering $25k or more a hand and get along fine and played with others wagering $25.00 a hand, never a problem really. But this guy is out of control. The dealer looks at my host and tells him I have to leave my chip in the spot. The host tells the dealer just to put it in front of her and wait. The guy finally turns over a 2. Slams it down big time and the whole table breaks out high fiving and screaming.

    I throw up another $5k chip and 2 quarters chips for the dealer. I am wagering The Bankers this time for the third one to match the other 2 sets it did previously. Everyone is still on the Bankers. I get the cards with the Players returning a 7. I slide them to the 'general' who seemed to be the leader of the pack, the same guy that took 2 or 3 minutes to turn over the previous 9. I told him to give us a natural please, he shakes his head yes. He turns over a 7 to tie. Now they all pull down to Players and recite how the shoe will cut because of the tie. I stay put. I forget the exact number of the decision but it was a 3 card draw for both sides, I won. They all were amazed and said they should not have gotten off of it. They rationalize out once again that now the Bankers made 3 and it was Players. I stayed put, prior to the little trend/pattern with the 3 and 1 and 3 and 1 and now 3 with the tie, I like the run to match one other one in the beginning of the show with a run of 8 or 9 on Players side. It did run to I think 1 less than what the previous run of Players was. I won the next 5 or 6 hands or so.

    Every single hand they all discussed out loud what it should be. Too bad we didn't all play together and get the real camaraderie flowing. But I still like Palace Station it's is a fun place to play and eat really.
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