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One of the best experiences in Vegas, Old School Italian

Discussion in 'Grub' started by GlenBaccarat79, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    I believe most of you guys stay on property to eat, we used to 90% of the time because we are RFB just about anywhere we go. However, and a huge however, it got boring! I have mentioned it before, but I detest the Celeb chef type of places as pretentious, rushing patrons, impersonal and purveyor's of great meat-chicken-seafood-veal, etc., drowned in unknown sauce(s). My opinion. Anyways, I recommended 'Hot N Juicy' to you guys for the experiences, real staff and people, great food, and many other things that make up 'experiences' when going out.

    Another off-property great place is 'Casa di Amore' out on East Tropicana. From the strip, go east, it will be on the north side of Tropicana just east of the airport. If you pass the Wal Mart on your right, you past it. The restaurant is in a free-standing building.

    The place is GREAT! Usually always live bands entertainment, piano playing, singing, etc. The place rocks in an old school way, building ambiance. The place is more than food!!!! Try bringing your wife there. Hold her hand, say some sweet things to her. Hell, go out and buy her something, a nice necklace, a cocktail ring, something---wrap it up and bring it with you. Go to this place and sit down. Enjoy the atmosphere. Order up some cocktails and appetizers. Last time I was there we did the Bruschetta and the Prosciutto Wrapped Pawns and the Mussels. WONDERFUL!!! OMG, it all melts in your mouth. Any special requests and they will handle it. I always tell them to bring a side plate of hot and spicy items, my wife is SE Asian. They bring a special dish with various hot peppers, different hot sauces and sriracha sauce also. They don't even charge. They threw together a super spicy Bruschetta for her as well! LOL.

    I went out and bought the wife one of the bracelets I put together with the store sales person, with all the little charm things that mean something. Initials for each kids, each kids birthday month stone, our anniversary date, a real custom piece. The name of the store was Pandora. It was a little pricey, but it is a great item with lots of meaning. I had it wrapped up in 5 boxes, each box was a tad bit bigger another box was wrapped up in. When we sat down, I gave it to her and the rest is history.

    We had the Eggplant Di Amore, one of the Rib eye Steaks and a bowl of Pasta. We split it all. Love the desserts there! There cannoli's are over the top. Something called Bomba or Bamba, it is mango, fruit and sherbet with chocolate and then drizzled with chocolate again over it. Over the top, simply. With a Sambuca.

    Another time, I got the side of meatballs, antipasto salad and the calamari for appetizers. Great combo. Almost everything I ate there I can remember, it was all good.

    The place is opened all night long. Usually go there well after midnight. I can't say enough about the place and have never ever been let down with service, atmosphere, or the food quality or taste, never.

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    #1 Jul 30, 2016
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  2. Malibugolfer

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    I prefer Piero's myself if I am going off strip. Although it's not that far.
    Not exactly"Old School" but Nora's is pretty good.

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