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Gotta love the players running table to table

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by GlenBaccarat79, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Unlike poker, folding is the only way!
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    Feb 5, 2016
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    I stopped at one of the two racinos that have mini baccarat in suburbs of the Twin Cities, MN the other night. They have table max of $300 but you can play as many spots as other players are at, and generally most of the players are only wagering $10 or $25 anyways, so the few bigger players can usually get well over $2,000 in play any hand(s). (Funny the adjoining states just a little bit away have table limits of $2k and $5k and the $2k places you can get $10k out there easily also). Anyway, there was this one guy, bouncing back and forth between the two tables, literally running back and forth. He had a large handful of $300 chips and would take a quick look at each board for a few seconds and then run back to the other. Every so often her would throw out there $1,500/$1,800/or $2,100 or so. Most of it he was losing. Clearly anti streak strategy. No doubt about it. He would see a 3 repeat and wager the opposite side. Then it repeats. Then he would wager the cut again. Repeat once again. Then he would go with it. And, of course it would cut to the other side at that time. Saw him go through an easy $30k if not $40k before he finally left in clear disgust.

    But what got me, was he would not wager any of the 'chop-chop' or the doubles which were both dominating very clearly.

    Patience, willpower and clear thinking to me are paramount and precious in this game. Although, some hit and run styles do prevail, but usually that is rare. I used to know almost all the regular players at the two racinos playing bac but haven't really played there for a good while now. There used to be a few that would do the same thing and generally they would give back any and all winnings with this impatient wild style.

    As long as I have played this game, nothing surprises me in the way of player mentality any longer.
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  2. Roulette

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    Mar 21, 2016
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    Clearly, he had the money to bet at those levels so I dont think its a big deal. Hit n run is my strategy 90% of the time but as long as he had a spot at the table, I see no problem with it. His money.

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