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Fort McDowell?

Discussion in 'Other Hotels & Casinos' started by gmille58, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. gmille58

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    We just got back. The hotel was nice enough, comfortable beds, clean. The pool area was nice enough, we actually hung out there a couple of times for a few hours. Casino is a little small, but realizing now that it is 32 years old, it was probably as big as they wanted to risk back then. Only ended up gambling the first night there, as the wedding was the second day and we were tired and Sunday they had a party at the house all day and we had an early flight. The casino just wasn't appealing enough to draw us down there and skip some sleep. Slot machines were pretty tight, putting several hundred through them on the max bet of typically $3 and no hits of even $100.

    One thing that I did find interesting was that they had only one pit of table games, 10-12 tables total. They had two pai gow poker tables, and different rules on both. One was no commission, dealer Q hi pai gow is a push. Extra side bet on dealer Q hi paid 50-1. Other table had commission, without the Q hi push, and the extra side bet there was on a dealer pai gow, with different payouts on the A high through 9 high.

    But we will likely go again, as family there lives in Fountain hills, and it was very close.

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