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Forensic Reconstruction Science

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by GlenBaccarat79, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    Forensic science, I know nothing about, admit. Only what I occasionally see in the movies or some documentaries. But I watched the last half of a documentary about some guy charged and convicted with murdering his wife and attempting to collecting a couple millions dollars on a life insurance policy.

    As with all the sciences and technology, it is all pretty far advanced---no doubt at all. I can only assume some people with pussy and money on their minds are completely 100% oblivious to that.

    The guy was ultimately found to be having an affair and as well, heavily in debt. I don't know the circumstances leading up to the killing of his wife but here are the highlights of the evidence.

    A spouse or the partner of a murdered person is always looked at first as the primary suspect in almost every case.

    Inferred black light that exposes gunshot residue. The guy's shirt had plenty of it on it consistently with shooting another person or object at close range. Likewise, his shirt also contained the residue consistent with firing a firearm upon himself.

    He shot himself one time in the hand to portray he tried to stop the alleged gunman from shooting his wife. He also self inflicted three gunshots to his chest.

    His laptop exposed deleted histories of numerous searches included extensive researching of gun shots, self inflicting gun shots, gunshots to the right chest (of course he was shot in the right chest also) and all of his emails in the affair relationship he was carrying on.

    The guy downloads the song by Guns N Roses, "I used to love her but had to kill her", on his lap top days before the shooting and claimed robbery attempt.

    There was also a ton of stuff on his lap top with researching placement of vital organs and anatomy of the body. Of course his 3 gunshots that he claimed the robber inflicted upon him, were all to non vital organ areas of his chest.

    He claimed to investigators that he carried her body after she was shot by a gunman trying to rob them, over 100 yards trying to find his way out of the remote area they were at and over a walkway bridge. In the immediate days after this all broke, he was hailed a hero by the local press.

    Investigation proved he dragged her body and the blood flow was 1 way and down from her body. If it happened the way the guy claimed, the blood flow would have changed directions several times. Of course it did not.

    The husband totally ignores the fact the wife's cell phone was in her purse and could have called for help, which he never did.

    There were many more things that blew up in the guys 'well planned out' murder. I am sure there are plenty of these and it is not all that uncommon how they don't succeed in the long run. The forensic stuff is certainly interesting. Maybe the guy should have researched, criminal forensic science, instead of that gunshot stuff and chest anatomy.
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    Feb 2, 2016
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