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Dilemmas of a small community golf course

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Valgal, May 24, 2016.

  1. Valgal

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    Mar 8, 2016
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    I am not a golfer-- unless you count putt putt. We have a golf course in our little town-- Lady Bird Johnson. Technically the county owns it. But our city has bailed them out to the tune of almost 8 million dollars over several years. The golf course sits next to the airport. Several years ago trees had grown so tall it affected the approach to the run way. No one wanted to spend the money to fix the problem. Eventually the FAA shut the airport down for night activity. They finally got their act together when a medical helicopter couldn't land at the hospital - we are about 1/2 a mile away. They were not trying to land at the airport but it was a gray weather day and they had to use instruments to fly. The FAA made them turn around and not land at the hospital. Apparently if a helicopter has to use instruments to assist flight the airport has to be up and ready too. It delayed transferring a sick patient. Never understood the whole gist but it made city/county leaders get their thumbs out of their butts and fix the overgrown tree problem.

    The paper reported our golf course never turns a profit. They rely on bail outs from the city. Supporters of the golf course say that the golf course attracts $$$ into hotels and restaurants etc. to the tune of $8 million dollars so they just want to call things even. The city wants to wash their hands of the course. A mayor and council members were ousted from office for bailing them out 2 years ago for $1 million plus --now they want more.

    I don't see how a small municipal golf course is that essential. Many of my golfer friends go to other small towns because our course is too expensive. Those with a lot of money can golf at Boot Ranch.

    Just wondered if the golfers think that small courses actually attract overnighters and tourism money. It is already a tourist town. Losing the golf course will not affect that. I think that most come here for other things and they golf because it is here.

    I think it would be sad not to have a course available but I think sometimes you have to let the ship sink. Or maybe they could get someone who knows what he is doing and turn it around.
  2. ken2v

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    Feb 2, 2016
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    Central California Coast
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    Essential and viable are not the same thing. Now I'm an avid golfer, but I don't think citizens/residents/voters of a particular community have some birthright to have a municipally owned course at hand. Then again, what's the cost to taxpayers from non-enterprise park and rec programs? But at least those are broadly serving.

    Now there are gobs of publicly-owned courses out there that are HUGE magnets. Torrey, Bethpage, Chambers Bay to name but three of gobs.

    Small? In what sense? Podunkville with a goat track or say a small town like Pacific Grove that just happens to have a rather cool city-owned course? Golf needs to be good and/or notable to be a draw.

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