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BJ player at baccarat first time

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by GlenBaccarat79, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. GlenBaccarat79

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    True re-counting of table time here.

    Black gentlemen sits down with his GF/Wife
    Obviously BJ players
    Sits down and wagers Players, gets an 10/A, all happy, smiles and tosses them in after he is instructed to do so. Few players mentions how it is probably his first time at bac, etc.
    Other side on the Bankers, everyone (all Asians a couple whites) working and squeezing, guy is like WTF is going on, looks puzzled, eye brows clinching and head cocking to the side.
    Bankers return a 5.
    Guy is like puzzled, when the dealer slides a card to him. He looks at everyone and then looks at the dealer says, "I had blackjack, I won, no?". Laughter from all and dealer points to the card just slid to him.
    Dealer says, please turn the card over.
    Guy is in total amazement.
    Looks at his card and turns over a monkey.
    Dealer picks up his wager and he questions it. Dealer says in broken English, Bankers won 5 over Players 1.
    Now he switched to Bankers side and pumped up his wager.
    Everyone else on the table wagers the Players side. Guy says something out loud to his female partner about it.
    Guy returns the same as he did before, 10/A.
    Players return 2 monkeys.
    Guy says, so I assume a 20 beats a blackjack at this table, huh?
    Dealer says no. A third card draw for both sides sir, again in broken English.
    Guy gets an Ace. Other side pulls a 6.
    Guy is even in more amazement than before by the look on his face now.
    Everyone is now watching the guy and waiting for him to wager. I know 100% everyone will be wagering against him once again.
    He wagers heavy on the Players, once again switching sides.
    Everyone else puts their wagers up on the Bankers.
    He looks around and quickly slides his wager up to the Bankers side also.
    Then without hesitation everyone pulls their wagers down and off the betting area entirely.
    He then looks around and says, So I take it a black guy can't play this game?
    Someone says, it is not that, just your inexperience so we wager against your bet not you.
    He gives the thumbs up sign to that person and tells the dealer to deal and shrugs his shoulders.
    Guy gets a natural 9 against a 7 and mumbles something about understanding a 19 Vs. a 17.
    Guy then asks, how come no 3 card draw that time and dealer explains the rest, everyone giggles.
    Next hand, everyone sits out. Guy gets a natural once again.
    Everyone now throws up a wager on the Players side.
    The guy then places his wager opposite everyone else. Once again he wins solely by himself.
    The guy goes on to win about the next 10 or so hands with most of the table getting wiped out wagering almost every time opposite him.
    The guy gets up, bows to the table and announced. Sorry you guys lost like that but that was the easiest $10k I ever won. Weird blackjack though.
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