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total rewards

Total Rewards (Europe/North Africa: Player Rewards[1] and South Africa: Emerald Rewards[2]) is a casino loyalty program at nearly all Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah's Entertainment) locations.

Began as Total Gold, then re-launched as Total Rewards II, now referred to as Total Rewards
In 2005, after Harrah's Entertainment bought Caesars Entertainment, Inc., Harrah's announced that the "Connection Card" program (Caesars loyalty program), would be merged into the Total Rewards program. Transferring former Caesars properties from the Connection Card loyalty program to the Total Rewards program began in December 2005 with Flamingo Las Vegas and was completed in May 2006.
Members earn both Reward Credits and Tier Credits based on play at slot machines and table games.
Reward Credits may be used towards meals, merchandise and other items.
Tier Credits are used to determine annual Tier Score.

Total Rewards is a credit-based loyalty system. The credits can be accumulated to comp any service, from a hotel room to a round of golf.

A guest may accumulate rewards credits at any Caesars property, whether it is by slots, table games or poker (if available). The rate of accumulation is for every $5 spent on a reel slot machine (the traditional slot machine), a credit is earned. For every $10 spent on a video poker machine, a credit is earned. Table games (blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc.) are accumulated differently. The rate is based upon length of play, average bet, and type of game. Also, credits may be accumulated through the Total Rewards Visa credit card, issued by Comenity Bank. For every $1 spent, 1 credit is earned.
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However Total Rewards Credit Card Charges do not count to tier status. Credit Card charges allow you to earn 1 (one) Reward Credit for every $1.00 in purchases and keeps your Reward Credit balance active as long as you use it at least once every 6 months. The Reward Credits added to your Reward Credit balance do not count towards Tier Score or Tier Status. Also, Total Rewards Social program issues Rewards points for online game play, based on what you pay for credits. (There is no cash winnings, just credits to allow play).

100 rewards credits is equal to $1 of value in
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, short for "complimentaries". For example, if a player has 10,000 rewards credits, he or she can use them to get $100 in comped drinks or towards a room.

Comping using reward credits is dollar for dollar, meaning if the value of the item the guest wants to comp is $20, they'll need $20 in reward credits in order to fully comp the item. If they do not have enough credits, they can partially comp it.

For tier credits, $5 is equal to 1 tier credit on Slot Machines, $10 to 1 tier credit on Video Poker. Table games are rated by supervisors.